Choosing an Outfit for a Deceased Loved One

With all of the different decisions you have to make after the death of a loved one, you may not even have begun to think about the outfit that you want them to wear when they are laid to rest. This is something that can be a complex decision to make, especially if the person did not mention their wishes. To help you, there are some tips that providers of cremation services in Freedom, PA want you to remember.

Think about your loved one’s style. If they were people who wore mostly casual outfits, you do not want to choose an outfit that is very fancy and formal. You want to think about what they would be most comfortable. If that is jeans and a shirt, then that is what you want to choose for the person. You will also want to think about any special kinds of fabrics and even colors. Did your loved one have a favorite color? If they did, you will want to consider using it in the outfit you choose.

Take into consideration any religious affiliations or any cultural guidelines. If the person was someone who was part of a conservative religion, you want to choose an outfit that is on the modest side and that is not too showy. If they were part of a culture that has specific colors they associate with passing on, then you will want to consider outfits that fit that guideline. If you are not sure about the religious or cultural options, you can reach out to an expert to learn more about what can be the best choice for your loved one.

Another thing to remember is that if you want to cremate the person, there may be some things you should avoid. You do not want any metal objects and avoid clothing with metal parts of any sort. Leather can also be a concern, as can latex. Some people choose to have the person cremated in biodegradable options like linen and cotton, while others choose to have them cremated nude. Ask questions about all of this as you decide.

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If you are not certain about the kind of outfit you want your loved one to have, these are all important tips to consider. You want to remember that your loved one might have had a favorite outfit, so do ask about this within your family and friends circle. Take the time to also think about whether the person would have wanted any hints of their religion or cultural associations. If you want to be sure you can find the best option for your loved one, you can reach out to a Freedom, PA cremation service provider like us at Gabauer Funeral Homes. Our team is here to help you with all of the arrangements you need to make. Give us a call right now or visit us today to speak with one of our experts about our options.

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