Cremation Memorial Service Ideas

cremation services in New Brighton, PA

People choose cremation for a variety of reasons, including a desire for an environmentally friendly option or the fact that others in their family have been cremated. What remains constant when a family decides on cremation is their desire to plan a meaningful, memorable service. By researching cremation services in New Brighton, PA, we can assist you in planning an unforgettable and touching service.


Whether or not a family wishes to include a traditional casket viewing, your funeral home can incorporate a variety of customizable memorial service ideas. Here are a few ideas for developing a service that allows families to support one another while also celebrating a life well lived.


Photo Tributes

Funeral directors can also assist families in creating photo memory boards that provide a timeline of the person’s life, as well as themed boards that focus on specific relationships or interests. Photos in these displays become an even more important way for families who choose cremation over a traditional viewing to establish visual memories.


Video Presentations

There’s a reason why video presentations are a popular addition to memorial services, whether a family opts for cremation or burial. These videos can assist them in connecting through shared memories and finding joy in the experience. While the majority of these videos are photo-based, home movies and interviews with family members can also be included.


Personalized Displays

Customized displays at funeral services and memorial services allow funeral directors to express their creativity. Themed displays can be incorporated throughout the event venue to provide families and friends with an immersive experience. If someone built model airplanes, why not display a collection of them at the service’s entrance for visitors to admire and remember? Some people have been honored on a grander scale, such as with classic car exhibits in funeral home parking lots.


Personalized Urns

A personalized urn will assist a family in conveying their loved one’s distinct personality, especially if the urn will be present at the service. Customization can be as simple as engraving the urn or an attached plaque, or it can take the form of a more elaborate urn with a one-of-a-kind shape or image.


Right After the Service

cremation services in New Brighton, PA

Some families may choose to hold a scattering ceremony after the memorial service. If this is the case, you can collaborate with them to plan an event that incorporates service elements, such as a second, smaller balloon release. This is also an excellent opportunity to confirm local laws regarding scattering and to serve as a resource for families seeking more information about what is permitted.


What families can do with cremated remains is more diverse than ever before. There are many cremation jewelry options available for families who want to keep their loved ones close. Cremation art glass pieces, which turn cremated remains into beautiful and meaningful objects, and biodegradable urns, which allow a tree to grow in the earth where they’re placed, are two other options.


Consider contacting our team if you need cremation services in New Brighton, PA. We are here to help you through every step of the cremation service planning process. When you have the opportunity, please call or visit us.

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