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These days, with social media at an all-time high in popularity, people have to think of how to announce a death in the family and what to do with the accounts of loved ones after they die. If you have suffered a death and you want to make certain that you handle all of this in an appropriate manner, it can help to know a few things. Here are the suggestions that providers of cremation services in Rochester, PA want you to know about.

You can take your time before announcing the death on social media. Many times, people feel the need to do this immediately, but if you do not, then you do not have to. The people who are closest to you and to the deceased will already be aware of what has happened and everyone else can wait a few days until you are comfortable writing about it on social media. If you want to let people know immediately, this is completely fine, of course. Pay attention to what you feel comfortable doing.

Do try to get access to the social media of your loved one. This is not always easy and you may have to ask other members for access, but if it is possible, you will want to think about doing this. You can post information about the death there so that people you do not know can still be aware of what has happened.

You also want to consider posting the obituary on social media. This can allow you to let as many people know about the death as possible without you having to let them know individually. It is easy to share the obituary online, too, so you can make sure that everyone knows when the services are and if there are special requests that you have. Be sure to consider that as you think about what you will post on the social media accounts.

cremation services in Rochester, PA

You may also want to consider posting images of your loved one online and sharing stories and memories you have of them. This can allow you to have a virtual memorial service for the person, making it possible to get people to participate and get the closure they need after the death. This can easily be done through social media.

These are all important things to remember when deciding to use social media to let people know of the death of a loved one. There are lots of reasons why social media can help, including allowing you to share the information about the death easily and quickly. You want to try to also gain access to the accounts of the person who died to let others know of the death and you want to share the obituary, as well. You can learn more about using social media after a death by turning to a Rochester, PA cremation services provider like us. We are ready to help you make the best arrangements for your loved one. Give us a call right now or stop by today for more information.


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