Funeral Protocol for Cremation Services

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Cremation is becoming more popular as part of people’s final wishes in today’s society. When someone chooses to have their remains cremated, the funeral differs from a traditional funeral in that the body is typically present in a casket, whether open or closed. When it comes to funerals where the cremated remains are present, funeral etiquette is a little different. What are some of the differences in funeral etiquette between traditional funerals and cremation funerals? These are the details that the cremation services in Beaver, PA will go over with you.


Funeral Service Versus Memorial Service

When it comes to remembering the deceased, the ceremony is often referred to as a memorial service rather than a funeral, especially in cases of cremation. Cultural and family traditions influence how people behave during the ceremony. Though they may differ in name, the service flows differently, from the various eulogies to the message delivered by a spiritual leader. Memorial services are sometimes viewed as more casual, and there is sometimes time set aside for guests to remember the deceased in their way.


Viewing Versus Slideshows

When someone requests cremation, there is usually, but not always, no viewing. If the family chooses cremation over a viewing, they may choose to have a slideshow to remember their loved one. The slideshows are frequently set to several of the deceased’s favorite songs or songs about their life. Many people find that viewing these slideshows is more uplifting than watching them because they can see their loved ones in action while they were living their lives.


Flowers Versus Photos and Donations

While flowers have long been the traditional condolence gift to send to a bereaved family, funeral etiquette is changing to the point where some families will request that photos of the deceased be sent via mail or email to be displayed in a collage at the memorial service rather than flowers. Other families will request that donations be made on behalf of the deceased to a specific charity to support a cause important to the family.

cremation services in Beaver, PA

Ashes Spreading Versus Burial Service

The burial service is held after the funeral and the casket has been carried to the cemetery, according to most traditional funeral etiquette. If there is no burial in a formal plot, the service to spread the cremains can take place at a different time and maybe a small, private ceremony. Some people choose to keep the cremains in a beautiful cremation urn and display them as a memorial in their homes.


The cremation services in Beaver, PA are dedicated to bringing the option of cremation to the public’s attention. They have the largest selection of decorative cremation urns and a large collection of resources to assist families and friends in their time of need. They are dedicated to helping you celebrate the life of the one you love, on your terms, with tools for grieving and informative articles about planning, support, and other uplifting thoughts. Contact us or come in and see us today.

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