How to Write a Death Announcement

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When someone dies, it’s easy to forget that you need to notify others of their passing. A death announcement is required to notify family, friends, and acquaintances of the death of a loved one so that they can attend the funeral, send condolences, make a donation, or simply offer their support. However, most people will be unaware of the proper etiquette for announcing a death, how to write one, when the appropriate time is, and where it should be displayed. The funeral homes in Beaver, PA will be ideal for you at that time.


What Is a Death Announcement

A death announcement is a statement that informs people of someone’s death. It contains information about the deceased and how they died, such as their name, date of birth, date of death, location, and any funeral or memorial service arrangements.


What Is the Distinction Between a Death Announcement and an Obituary

The difference between an obituary and a death announcement is that the obituary is written by a newspaper staff member or writer and goes over the details of their life in the same way that a biography would. A death announcement is typically paid for by the deceased’s family and briefly describes their passing – name, date of birth, funeral or memorial service, and so on.


How to Pen a Death Announcement

  • Begin with the deceased’s full name and possibly some additional information about them.
  • Include the date of their death and their age at the time of death.
  • You may want to include the location of their death as well, but it is not required.
  • Make it clear if a funeral or memorial service will be held, as well as the date and location.
  • Finally, and optionally, provide information about where to send donations.


Announcing a Death on Social Media

You may be hesitant to post a death announcement on social media, but you should not. Many people now use Facebook to share major news, and because almost everyone has an account, you can reach more people than ever before.


How Should You Post on Social Media When Someone Dies

  • Be succinct.

It’s best to keep it simple, just like with a regular death announcement. You may also prefer a more emotional post in which you express your feelings and possibly include memories and photos of the deceased.

  • Consider the timing.

Don’t post something on Facebook or Instagram right away. Wait at least a few days before announcing a death. Friends and family may find it difficult to see a deceased loved one’s death posted on social media so soon after their passing.

  • Utilize sharing options.

Facebook has a setting that restricts certain posts from being seen by certain people. You may not want to tell everyone you know about the death of a loved one. If so, use these options to limit who can and cannot see your announcement.

  • Consider it twice.funeral homes in Beaver, PA

Before posting, reread what you’ve written and consider whether it’s appropriate or fitting. Would it have been acceptable to your loved one? What would your reaction be if you read it? Double-check that everything is correct and that you are satisfied with it.


The most important thing to remember is that a death announcement does not have to be anything major or detailed. It is not an obituary, but rather a death notice so keep it short and simple. Don’t feel obligated to include any additional information, and don’t overpay. Consider looking into funeral homes in Beaver, PA, or contact us or come and see us for more information.

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