Ideas for Mom’s Funeral

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Many families and individuals want to make their mother’s funeral memorable, but they may not know where to begin. When it comes to making a funeral unique or uniquely special, it’s critical to stay true to the person who died. The cremation services in New Brighton, PA can provide you with funeral ideas for a deceased mother.


Create a Website in Her Honor

A memorial website is a wonderful way to share your mother’s life with friends, family, and the community. It includes a plethora of features that other families have found to be extremely helpful and useful in remembering the life of someone they loved. A memorial website allows you to post an obituary, share family history, start a fundraiser, share memories and photos, and share any important event information for free.


Hold the Memorial Service in a Special Location

If possible, holding the memorial service in a special location is a wonderful way to honor your mother’s memory.


Decorate the Service with Flowers or Colors That Are Special to Your Mother

If your mother had a favorite color, plant, or type of flower, using that plant, flower, or color to decorate the service is a wonderful way to honor her memory. You can take it a step further by asking attendees to wear this color of clothing or, if they’re sending arrangements, to send arrangements with your specific flower or plant in mind.


Read Out Favorite Memories

Request that friends and loved ones send in favorite memories or moments for you to collect and read at some point during the ceremony. This is an excellent way to share moments or memories that others may not be aware of, and it can contribute to a sense of shared joy and connectedness among those in attendance.


Carry Out a Butterfly or Pigeon Release

Butterfly or pigeon releases can bring nature and beauty to your mother’s funeral. You can request a moment of silence during this time, or have a special song sung or played. This is also a good time to ask people to share a special memory or experience they had with your mother.


Plant in a Garden Dedicated to Your Mother

If you have space to dedicate to your mother, consider planting a garden in her honor. Invite friends and family to the location and provide them with seeds or sprouts to plant in the garden. This is a wonderful way to watch a living tribute grow in her memory over time.


Distribute a Collection of Favorite Recipes to Attendees

Was your mother a fantastic cook? Were there any particular recipes she was famous for? Sharing these recipes with loved ones is a simple and loving way to share something your mother excelled at with everyone who knows her.


Make an Annual Trip to a Favorite Location

cremation services in New Brighton, PA

Was your mother’s favorite camping spot or restaurant? An annual trip to this location in her honor is a wonderful way to reconnect with friends and family while honoring your mother’s memory.


Regardless of how you choose to honor your mother, it’s recommended that you create a memorial website, even if it’s just to share information about the other ways you’re honoring her. Memorial websites are free, will remain online indefinitely, and are simple to use and set up. The cremation services in New Brighton, PA can assist you in this regard. Contact us right away or visit us.

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