Planning a Service Out of Town

funeral homes in Rochester, PA

There are many steps and guidelines necessary to be able to plan a funeral or memorial service, but it is even more complicated if you want to have the service out of town. Everything can be more complex and take more organization, so it can be a good idea to learn a bit about the process required. Here are some tips that directors of funeral homes in Rochester, PA want you to remember.

One of the most important things that you have to do when beginning these arrangements is to hire two funeral homes. You want to have one that is close to where you are and that will know how to ship the casket or urn, and you want another funeral home at the location where the service will take place. Transporting remains is complex and you want to make certain that you do not urn into any issues. When you have professionals helping you, this is something that you can avoid.

You want to ask about the airline guidelines before deciding on the one you choose. If you are transporting a casket, this usually means that it will travel as cargo, so you want to be certain you know what the costs will be and what the paperwork will involve. This is another area where having experts helping you can be of great help. They will be able to guide you through these plans so that you do not have any trouble transporting your loved one.

You want to also let people know about the service as soon as you can. They will have to make arrangements to travel to the service and that is not something that can be done at the last moment. As soon as you know the date and location of the service, start sending out invitations.

It is also important to have a good idea of the budget that you have. A service that is out of town will always be a bit more expensive than a regular one. Do a bit of research into the costs you can expect and then put together a budget you can stick to.

funeral homes in Rochester, PA

Ask a lot of questions from the funeral home that is helping you, so that you do not run into any issues. If you have concerns, no matter how small, asking about them can be important. They will do their best to answer these issues as thoroughly as possible.


Keeping all of these things in mind can help you plan the kind of funerary or memorial service that you want, even when having it out-of-town. You want to remember to let people know all of the details early so they can make arrangements, and be sure to also think about working with two funeral homes. If you want to get started with these plans, you will want to consider reaching out to a Rochester, PA funeral home like us. We are ready to help you with the necessary plans for your loved one’s funerary service. Stop by one of our locations to ask us about these options or give us a call now to speak with one of our experts.

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