Preparing a Memorial Display

At a service for a loved one, you want to have a memorial display that can let people know who the person was and what they loved. This is an important aspect of the service, so you want to take some time to plan the memorial display. To help you with this, there are some tips that providers of cremation services in Freedom, PA want you to keep in mind.

One thing that you want to consider is having a photograph display. This can be a lovely way of honoring the person and showing them throughout their life. Go through your photo albums or digital photos and try to put together a display with those. You can choose to have a digital display, like a presentation that you can allow to run automatically, or you can choose to have the photos printed out and added to a physical display. Try to choose photos from all aspects of your loved one’s life so that you can give people a real sense of who they were.

Another thing to remember is that you may want to add the hobbies the person loved to the display. If they enjoyed knitting or doing other manual works, why not add pictures of these to the display? There have been stories of people who choose to put on display quilts and other handmade things that the person has done as a display. If they loved sports, you can also have some memorabilia or other options that the person may have loved. It can allow you to get the exact kind of display-ready that you want.

If your loved one enjoyed collecting things, you can think about adding examples of them to the display. You can include their most priced things and what they were proud of having. You can even ask guests to bring items that they would like to add to the collection. This can be a lovely way of honoring their memory.

When putting a display together, remember to be selective in what you choose to include. If you add too many things, people can get overwhelmed and may miss some of the more unique pieces of the collection. To avoid this, you want to take time and be selective in what you include.

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Consider all of these things as you start getting ready to make arrangements for a loved one who has died and wants to add a memorial display. Be sure to think about what your loved one would want to have in that display, from photos to special collected items. If you want to know more about how to put a memorial display together, you can reach out to a Freedom, PA cremation service provider like us at Gabauer Funeral Homes. We are here to answer any questions you may have. You can stop by one of our locations or you can give us a call right now to get started with the arrangements that you want.

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