Thoughtful Ways to Pay Tribute to a Loved One

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It is never easy to lose a loved one. Even if you’ve said your final goodbyes, death frequently leaves a void, a sense that you’ve forever lost something; but just because a loved one has died does not mean they have vanished from your life or the world. There are things you can do to ensure their memory is preserved. To assist you, the funeral homes in Beaver Falls, PA compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to honor a loved one.


There are numerous ways to honor a loved one. You may choose to honor them privately through your rituals, or you may choose to gather family and friends for a more public event. You can even create a permanent memorial space in their honor, allowing strangers to learn about the person you knew so well. It is up to you how you honor someone’s memory; just remember that their story does not have to end with their death. Your loved one may no longer be with you, but the following suggestions can help you feel connected to them while honoring their memory.


Create a Celebration of Their Life

Affection shared can help you remember loved ones together. Begin by creating a memorial website or social media account where friends, family, and acquaintances can share their memories of your loved one. You could also set aside a day each year to gather those same people to remember the person who has died. Toast them in their favorite restaurant, or plan a hike and a moment of silence on one of their favorite trails.


Make a Memorial

Memorials can take many forms, such as a plaque on a bench or a collection of their favorite flowers and plants in a local garden. You could even consider planting a tree in a memorial forest. Every time someone stops to admire the scenery, they’ll notice the plaque or memorial marker with your loved one’s name on it and, for a brief moment, imagine who that person was.


Finish Their Incomplete Projects

Things are sometimes left unfinished. This could be a piece of furniture that they were restoring, a painting that they were working on, or even a song that they were writing. You may be tempted to abandon these projects, but consider completing them. You can either hire someone to do the work or do it yourself, completing their unfinished business for them. They started the task, but you finished it; in this way, you collaborated.


Live the Life They Would Desire for You funeral homes in Beaver Falls, PA

When we lose someone we care about, we may believe that nothing will ever be the same again. The wound they left behind will begin to heal with time, but we often wonder how we go on. That’s fine. Grief takes time to process, and the path you choose in life will be unique to you. Just remember that your loved one would want you to be happy again. They would want you to achieve your goals, be happy, and make the most of your life.


When considering how to honor a loved one who has died, avoid dwelling on the void they have left. Instead, remember who they were and what they accomplished, and do your best to carry on their legacy. They’ll always be with you this way. The funeral homes in Beaver Falls, PA can assist you in honoring them. Contact us or come see us right away.

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