Traditional and Non-Traditional Funeral Services

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Funeral or memorial services are necessary rituals that aid in the healing process. Here is where the funeral homes in Beaver Falls, PA can assist you. Funeral or memorial services provide a time and space for the bereaved to talk and share about the person who has died. They aid in the grieving process. They encourage the bereaved heart to be open and to trust what exists far beyond the five senses. They assist us in remembering a loved one who has passed away and encourage us to share those memories with others. They offer bereaved people a social support network. They assist the bereaved in accepting the death of a loved one. Finally, they provide stability and hope to the living.


Traditional and Non-Denominational Funeral Services

In our American culture, traditional funeral and memorial services are usually held in a church or funeral home in the presence of the body, with either a closed or open casket. The service, which includes scripture readings, prayers, a eulogy, and a sermon, is usually officiated by a clergy member. Throughout the service, music and hymns are usually interspersed. Following the service, there is usually a procession to the gravesite, where the minister concludes the funeral service with a brief committal message.


Non-Traditional Service

For a non-traditional service, there are no rules. Non-traditional funeral and memorial services allow you to create a personalized meaningful service that honors the deceased’s life in a way that is reflective of the deceased and relevant to the bereaved. Choose a funeral provider that has a plethora of creative options or alternatives to recommend to those seeking a non-traditional service. Religious services can be denominational or non-denominational, interfaith, spiritual, or humanistic. It can also include some or all of the elements described in a traditional service.


Ideas for Personalizing a Non-Traditional Memorial or Funeral Service

funeral homes in Beaver Falls, PA

  • Choose a location such as a beach, park, or the deceased’s favorite spot. Your chosen funeral provider may suggest some great locations if you don’t have one.
  • Gather special items, such as a photo, artwork, or a favorite collection, to display at the service honoring the deceased’s life.
  • Select an officiant for the ceremony. A spiritual leader, such as a non-denominational, interfaith, or spiritual minister, can serve as the officiant.
  • Prepare the actual service with your officiant. Preparations include important ceremony elements such as special music, poetry, readings, or rites.
  • Include music in the service to add atmosphere. Make a CD compilation of your loved one’s favorite songs, or select a classical music CD. Play this music softly in the background, and begin and end the service with songs from the deceased’s favorite artists.


Whether you choose a traditional or non-traditional service, the funeral homes in Beaver Falls, PA will create a uniquely personalized, heart-centered service primarily focused on your wishes as well as the beliefs and wishes of the bereaved. We will also assist you in selecting readings, scriptures, rituals, prayers, and music for the service. Call or visit our office right away to make an appointment with one of our funeral professionals.

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