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The loss of a child can be devastating for anyone, but selecting an appropriate urn to safeguard their child’s precious cremated remains can be beautiful and can aid in the healing process for a parent or family member. The cremation services in Darlington, PA are ready to assist you in selecting the best urn for your child.

People frequently create a special place in their homes for photos and mementos of the deceased child. This can aid them in their grieving process. The urn provides a focal point for your meditations and thoughts. Keeping the cremated remains of your child in a beautifully crafted urn can help to reassure you that they are in a safe and beautiful place where no harm can come to them.

If you want an urn that can withstand the elements and weather outside, choose materials or structures that are durable and non-corrosive. An urn placed outside can add a lovely touch to a memorial garden or sitting area.

Here are some suggestions for urn placement outside.

Metal Urn With Sculpture

Metal sculpture urns can be made in almost any design you can imagine. Select an animal or object that reminds you of your deceased child, such as a baseball, a horse, or another treasured possession. The cremains will be kept inside and out of the elements, and the metal will withstand wind and rain.

Hand-Painted Brass or Bronze Urn

Urns placed outside must be resistant to elements such as wind and rain. Outside, wood and ceramic urns are prone to breaking or becoming easily damaged. If you want a more traditional urn, go with a bronze or brass urn. It should be painted with the child’s picture or a special scene that they would have enjoyed, and it should be waterproofed to ensure that the painting remains undamaged.

Urn Made of Rocks in the Garden

A garden rock urn can be placed in your backyard memorial garden. Garden rock urns have a hollowed area inside the rock to protect the cremains. They are frequently inscribed with the child’s name and a meaningful verse or quote to the family.

Cremation Memorial Bench

A cremation bench placed in your backyard garden can be a sweet and heartfelt tribute if you’re looking for baby memorial ideas. The cremains will be placed in a hollowed-out area of the bench that is shielded from the elements and weather. The bench is inscribed with the child’s name as well as a special quote, poem, or verse.

Tree Urn for Remembrance

cremation services in Darlington, PA

Planting a memorial tree can be a beautiful way to remember a lost child. The urn will be buried beneath the tree with nutrients to aid in the growth of the tree. The tree will then be a permanent memorial to the child you loved.

The cremation services in Darlington, PA provide urns for children that are made of high-quality materials such as brass, steel, and stone, giving them a heavy, solid, and cool feel when held. You will find comfort in holding the urn close to your heart, sensing that special bond between you and your child that can never be broken. Visit us or get in touch with us right away. We are here to help you.

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