What Are Some Alternatives to Urns

cremation services in Rochester, PA

It is an honorable decision to choose cremation services in Rochester, PA for a loved one who has died. You must then decide whether or not to hold a memorial service for him or her and where he or she will be laid to rest. Although it is not required, many families choose an urn for the remains of their deceased loved one. There are other options to consider if you do not want a standard urn. Here are a few ideas that might be useful to you.


Emptied Coffee Cans

It was easier to define your loved one if you could smell their favorite coffee brand as they approached. They may have always kept a can of that coffee on their shelf, and every time you see one, you remember them. Coffee cans come in a variety of sizes and can make excellent urns for the right person. You could bury your loved ones, display them at a memorial service, or even keep them in that coffee can in your home.


Emptied Cookie Jars

You recall visiting a loved one’s home and always finding baked goods in their cookie jar. It was simply never empty! If you want to honor their hobby and the fact that they were so good at it, you could put their remains in a cookie jar and display it in your kitchen. You can buy a variety of cookie jars or use the one you remember always keeping full in your own home.


Stuffed Animal Holding an Urn Containing Your Loved One’s Ashes

It’s nice to have something to hug when your loved one has passed away and you’re missing them. Consider a stuffed animal with an urn containing your loved one’s ashes sewn inside. You can keep it on your bed or somewhere else and hug and hold it whenever you want to remember them.


Cremation Ornaments

Cremation jewelry is becoming more popular because it allows you and other family members to keep a piece of your loved one. Jewelry is a nice way to keep them in your life in a unique way that can be very special. The item could even be passed down through the generations as an heirloom.


It’s natural to have concerns about wearing cremation jewelry. This may be a new experience for you, and wearing something containing human remains is bound to raise emotions and etiquette concerns. If you’re wondering if you can wear your cremation jewelry in the shower, or how long can you wear cremation jewelry, you’re not alone.


A Simple Container

cremation services in Rochester, PA

Any cremation package will automatically include a simple container for your loved one’s remains. This container is nothing more than a cardboard box, but if you’re going to scatter your loved one’s ashes, you probably don’t need much more than that. If you’re on a tight budget, the container will suffice and will help you save money.


It’s normal to take some time to decide what to do with your loved one’s container after cremation services in Rochester, PA. We are here to assist you along the way. Visit our office or call us right now to schedule an appointment.

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