What Services Do Funeral Homes Provide

funeral homes in Darlington, PA

Funeral homes may appear to only plan and facilitate funeral and memorial services, but this is not the case. Funeral homes offer more services than you might think, and many of them are completely free. Examine the funeral homes in Darlington, PA to see what services are offered.

Let’s take a look at the best services available and what they entail.

Funeral or Memorial Services that are Meaningful and Healing

First and foremost, the funeral home helps families create personalized and one-of-a-kind healing experiences. These services may include a funeral, a memorial, visitation or viewing, a gathering, and a graveside service, depending on the needs of the family. Aside from providing various options for memorial services, the funeral home also assists in the coordination of all the moving parts.

Cemetery, Grave Marker, and Memorial Needs

The funeral home will coordinate with the cemetery and monument company of your choice as part of the process of burying a loved one. They will also submit your wishes for a grave marker to the monument company so that the family does not have to. In some cases, the funeral home may be the owner of a cemetery or monument company. Regardless, the funeral home staff will assist you with any grave marker, cemetery, or memorial requirements.

Assistance with Legal Documents

The death of a loved one brings a flood of legal paperwork, but the funeral home can assist you in sorting through many of them.

Grief Support and Aftercare Services

Losing a loved one is difficult on many levels: emotionally, physically, mentally, and sometimes spiritually. Good funeral homes understand that the funeral or memorial service is only the beginning of your grief journey. However, many funeral homes provide grief and aftercare resources, though the types vary by the funeral home. Some will provide informational resources, such as referrals to local support groups and grief therapists. To provide comfort and stress relief, some funeral homes hire a grief counselor or keep a grief therapy dog on staff.

End-of-Life Planning Educational Resources

funeral homes in Darlington, PA

Many funeral homes host educational events that share valuable planning information as a free community service. Advance health care directives, writing a will, preparing for nursing home care or assisted living, senior safety tips, information on veterans’ burial benefits, understanding Medicaid, or the advantages of planning for funeral wishes are all topics that can be covered.

Planning Advance Arrangements for Funeral Wishes

Another complimentary service provided by the funeral home is the ability to plan ahead of time for funeral wishes. This means you can schedule a free consultation with a preplanning specialist who will walk you through all of your options.

You must choose a funeral home with a good reputation and a genuine concern for people. Take advantage of everything a funeral home has to offer and consider them a resource for valuable end-of-life planning information once you’ve found the one you can trust. The funeral homes in Darlington, PA provide much-needed services to bereaved families. Call or visit us right away.


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