Written Tributes to Grandmother

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Writing down your memories of the deceased is a way to honor their life. It can also assist mourners who are going through the grief process. The funeral homes in Freedom, PA can assist you with this. Whether you intend to share your tribute or not, consider starting with some of the following snippets.


Write a Biography of Your Grandmother

Perhaps your grandmother was a civil rights activist or lived a peaceful life on a farm. No matter how busy or famous your grandmother was, her story deserves to be told.


If you know your grandmother isn’t going to live much longer, start interviewing her about her life. Ask her the questions you’ve been dying to know the answers to. Inquire about where she was when significant historical events occurred. Ask her to tell you about her love story with your grandfather. Learn about your parent’s childhood and adolescence.


Describe Your Grandmother’s Personality

When people write about deceased family members, they can become frustrated. It can be difficult to accurately represent someone. Writing in broad strokes rather than specifics can exacerbate the frustration. Make use of specific examples. Write about a time when she was kind to someone.


Write About a Day Spent With Your Grandmother

You might want to include details from one particular day in your tribute to your grandmother. Those details could tell a wonderful story. They may also help you recall other pleasant memories of her. You could write about your sleeping arrangements at your grandmother’s house. You may also include what she had for breakfast, for example. Write about the interesting things you did together or the stories she told you.


Those who have lost family members frequently wish they could spend just one more day with them. Relive a day in your mind and write down the details so you can refer back to them later.


Write a Sensory Poem to Share a Memory

We often remember our grandmothers through smells or tastes rather than what they said or did. Smell and taste are frequently associated with memories. There may be a scent that reminds you of your grandmother. Consider creating a sensory poem in her honor. Begin by recalling the tastes and smells you associate with her and simply letting your words flow. If that sounds too difficult, make a list. A simple list of smells, tastes, and feelings associated with her produces a similar effect.


Make a Record of Your Family History

funeral homes in Freedom, PA

By researching your family tree, you can create a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. With new online databases and DNA testing, researching your ancestors is easier than ever. Websites make it simple to look up birth and death dates. Also, we can provide geographical information for those who came before us. You might even come across long-lost extended family members.


Writing a tribute to your grandmother can be a wonderful way to remember and honor her life. Yes, it will be difficult, but it will also allow you, the grandchild, to recall all of your fond memories of your relationship. Sharing these with her family and friends will help to keep her memory alive. After all, even after she’s gone, a grandmother’s magic remains with us. If you want to pay your respects but don’t know where to begin, the funeral homes in Freedom, PA can assist you.  Please stop by our office or call us today to schedule an appointment.

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