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Many Styles of Services for Funeral Home and Cremations in Beaver Falls, PA

If you need to make plans for funeral home and cremations in Beaver Falls, PA, there are options to help you. Choosing what type of service to hold, if any, can be made simpler when the basic kinds of services and their differences are understood. The types of services don’t always exclude the other services either. See below to gain a quick overview.

Funeral services are held soon after a death has happened. The opportunity for family and friends to gather and comfort each other is widely recognized as a treasured tradition. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a formal, traditional service. This is time to celebrate and honor a well-lived life. Customized and personalizing details can make this feel extra special.

This time to pay the final respects to a loved one may include a funeral wake (also called a visitation or viewing) prior to the service. Funerals can be followed by cremation instead of burial if that is desired. Families can choose to have the remains embalmed and laid in a rented casket for a viewing and/or funeral, and then the remains will be taken to the crematory instead of the cemetery.

Cremation services are the process by which the remains of the departed loved one are prepared for final disposition by reducing them to their most basic elements. This process is done with great respect and care. The remains are brought to the crematory and placed within a cremation casket or container. This lightweight container allows for the dignity of the deceased and protects those handling the process.

After careful attention to the security protocols, the container is sealed within the cremation chamber and exposed to very high heat. After a few hours, the only identifiable remains are some bone fragments. All of the cooled remaining particles are collected and processed into a more consistent-sized material. These “ashes” or cremains are then placed within an urn and returned to the next of kin.

Memorial services are an excellent option, especially suited to those who are needing more flexibility with the service timeframe. The service can be held right away or several months down the road. If cremation was used for preparing the final remains, the ashes might even be present at the service. The details are all up to the close family and loved ones who are making the plans.

Burial and final disposition options are less limited than you might expect. If intact, casketed or shrouded remains are prepared for burial. Above and below-ground placements are possible in many locations. There are more natural, green-certified burial sites that can be selected as well. Each cemetery will have its own set of regulations and rules that must be followed to have final placement occur. Burial for cremated remains is also available in burial plots or cremation niches where columbariums are located.

What to Look for in a Provider for Funeral Home and Cremations in Beaver Falls, PA

If you’ve never needed to work closely with a funeral home, choosing one when reeling with shock or grief might feel overwhelming. As you plan for funeral home and cremations in Beaver Falls, PA, it can help to know what some good things to look for are. Even if your plans don’t involve a large-scale funeral service, it is so helpful to work with a compassionate and professional funeral home.

A full-service funeral home will have all of the services you need available. Ideally, this place will not contract out embalming or cremation services. This just keeps things very straightforward and secure since it assures that your loved one stays in the care of one service provider. A full-service mortuary will also have a great deal of experience that has allowed them to grow to be a prominent and well-respected firm.

Look for reviews, remembering that these only reflect one side of the story, and ask around for references. A provider with an excellent reputation didn’t get it by accident. Look for professionals that will help you simplify the process of inviting people to come to the service you are holding if it is public. One way this can be done is through a memorial or tribute webpage. This page becomes a great place to share details of the upcoming services, an obituary, and allows space for condolences and memories to be shared.

Call for All of Your Funeral Home and Cremation Needs

As you navigate the planning of funeral home and cremations in Beaver Falls, PA, be sure to look for a provider who can simplify the process for you. Choose one who will see to those little details that will make your goodbye special. The experts at Gabauer Funeral Homes are well equipped to meet your needs.

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