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Full Range of Services for Funeral Home and Cremations in Beaver, PA

There are many styles of public or private services that can be selected when laying a loved one to rest. From large-scale events to intimate gatherings, there are many ways to honor a life. It can be helpful when making arrangements to know what types of services there are and how they differ from one another. In some cases, you will choose a combination of services. Let’s take a quick look at options for funeral home and cremations in Beaver, PA.

Full Funeral Services: This style of service can be done in a very traditional manner with special accommodations made for religious and cultural needs. However, it could be designed to be completely unique and customized to the individual being honored. The funeral offers grieving loved ones and friends a chance to meet together to give comfort and remember the one who has passed on. This service includes the body of the deceased so that final respects may be paid. 

Cremation Services: These can be performed without any public service attached (called a direct cremation). On the other hand, it may be held after a full funeral affair if casketed burial is not desired. The process of cremation takes the remains of the deceased and reduces them to their most basic elements by exposing them to intense heat. This is done in a respectful and secure manner. 

Memorial Services: As a service that can be held right away or many months later, memorial services offer a time of remembrance and love. If cremation is preferred, the ashes may be present for the service or not. Like funerals, this is a time to comfort one another, find closure, and pay our final respects to the departed.

Burial: There are many styles and options for burial these days. Many cemeteries have above and below-ground burial solutions. There are also several great ways to place cremated remains through burial or entombment in a columbarium. Of course, scattering ashes or keeping them in a permanent urn are possible too.

Picking the Provider for Funeral Home and Cremations in Beaver, PA

Selecting a funeral home might feel a little intimidating if you've never needed to use one before. Something that can be an enormous support to shocked or grieving loved ones is to choose a full-service funeral home. This is because it simplifies the planning process for families and loved ones who are needing funeral home and cremations in Beaver, PA.

A full-service funeral home will have all of the services you need in one place. With less need to coordinate services between multiple businesses, the stress load (which is likely already quite high) will be alleviated. Full-service providers also tend to have a lot of experience. They regularly interface with other applicable organizations. This means they can help you in filling out complicated forms, navigating cemetery rules and regulations, and ordering flowers or printed materials for you as needed.

If cremation services are selected, it can bring peace of mind to know that these services are provided by the company you are working with directly. Whenever possible, it is good to work with a provider who can do this service themselves. This additional security layer assures that your loved one will never leave the care of the provider you have selected.

Many funeral homes offer extra services, which can also really make them stand out. For example, the professional team at Gabauer Funeral Homes creates an online memorial page for your loved one. This becomes a place that family and friends living anywhere can view. This page can then receive written condolences, shared memories, and provide a place of support to one another. It also dispenses information on the time and setting of the service if a public gathering is being offered.

Some providers also make it easy for family and friends to donate towards incurred costs directly through the funeral home. These funds go towards the financial needs of the services that are being rendered for this specific person. Many people want to help, and this makes it very easy for them to do so. The compassionate staff knows how challenging the costs associated with this expense can be. And they can help to relieve the stress of planning.

Another critical thing to look for when selecting a funeral home is what kind of support they offer for the bereaved. You will want to choose a provider who understands that your life will never be the same again. As such, grief support is vital. A good funeral home will have connections to many resources to help you navigate this very tender time.

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