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Pre-Planning for Funeral Home and Cremations in New Brighton, PA

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There are very few things in life that are certain, but we know one thing for sure: each one of us will someday die. Facing the topic of your own mortality can feel uncomfortable. However, many experts in various fields believe it is a good idea to make plans for both unforeseeable future events and eventual circumstances. Many people find that making a plan for their own future needs surrounding funeral home and cremations in New Brighton, PA, actually ends up bringing peace of mind, not the anticipated anxiety.

So what are some of the reasons people end up making a plan for services, sometimes well in advance? Let’s explore just a few:

  • Previous Experience: Some people come to this decision because they have seen firsthand how complex this process can be. Electing services for a loved one when you have no idea what they would have wanted is a big task. After that type of experience, many people choose to get their own wishes in writing.
  • Knowing What is NOT Wanted: It also happens that through experience we sometimes see what doesn’t work well or at least wouldn’t work well for us. This can motivate people to make a plan, so things are handled in a manner with which they are pleased. Securing the Best Pricing: Like it or not, inflation is a thing. Because prices rise over time, making plans now and prepaying for services is a great way to ensure the best pricing.
  • A Terminal Diagnosis: When death is upcoming due to a deteriorating incurable health disorder, many families find some catharsis in making the arrangements with their loved one while the discussion is possible.
  • Advancing Age: In the later seasons of life, as people reflect on their own mortality, this conversation may more naturally rise. Remember, this service can be put in place for any age bracket, though.

When it comes to pre-planning these services, your plan can be revised by you at a later time if your preferences change. Additionally, if you end up moving from the area, your plans can be transferred to a different funeral home of your choosing. Getting the process started is easier than you think with simple online forms or a short meeting with a pre-need counselor.

Understanding Funeral Home and Cremations in New Brighton, PA

When considering your pre-plan, it’s a good idea to learn the primary differences between services. That way, you can know what you are selecting. A quick guide is provided here:

  • Funeral Services: An event that allows for family and friends of the deceased to gather together to share comfort and grief. This is a time to pay tribute and honor the life of the one who has passed on. Funerals can be large or small gatherings. They can be more traditional or customized to your preferences. The body of the deceased is most often present for this event.
  • Traditional or Modern Burial: There are many options for burial. Cemeteries generally have their own set of requirements that land within any applicable laws. You can look for places that offer above and below-ground burial solutions for both intact and cremated remains.
  • Memorial Services: These events can be formal or informal and allow for more schedule flexibility if needed. The deceased's body is not present for this service, though the ashes of the deceased might be.
  • Cremation Services: This is a process that reduces the departed remains to the essential elements through incineration. The resulting particles can be buried, scattered, or kept close in a traditional urn.

What is the Role of a Funeral Home When Pre-Arrangements are Made?

Choosing a funeral home with the experience and professionalism to support people from all walks of life is important. A fully equipped funeral home can offer all of the services for funeral and cremation in New Brighton, PA, for a very smooth process. Working with these industry experts will bring a lot of support to you now and to your loved ones who survive your passing in the future.

The funeral home will assist you in making your pre-arranged plan now. Once death occurs, they will bring your deceased body into their care as soon as there is a call for service. They will access and work with the on-file plan immediately, and when your next of kin is ready, an arrangement conference meeting will be held. This will allow everyone to get on the same page and finalize any pertinent details.

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As you look to the future for upcoming or very far distant needs for funeral home and cremations in New Brighton, PA, contact Gabauer Funeral Homes to discuss your options. Feel that peace of mind that comes from taking action on the things that you have control over.

Funeral & Cremation FAQs

What do funeral directors do?

Funeral directors are responsible for planning all aspects of the ceremonies in a manner that honors both the departed and their surviving family members and friends. Aside from these services, funeral directors do the paperwork associated with a person's death. Learn more.

Are pre-arranged funerals a good idea?

Financially speaking if you can pay for your funeral plan now then do it. Most likely funeral services prices will rise in the future but if you pay for it now then you do not have to worry about it. Learn more.

How to make funeral arrangements?

  • Inform the family of the deceased.
  • Call the funeral home to transport the deceased.
  • Identify if the deceased has an existing pre-arranged plan if none then select a funeral plan.
  • Plan the funeral with a funeral director.
  • Learn more.
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