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Gabauer-Lutton Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc. is a funeral home rich in history.  The story begins in 1897.  Lyle S. Lutton purchased a skating rink located at 720-11th street, Beaver Falls, which he converted into a livery. He then purchased the building next door which he converted into an undertaking parlor.  These two buildings became the home of  “L.S. Lutton Undertaking and Livery”.

His son George became a licensed undertaker in 1912 and joined his father in the business (which Lyle then renamed to “L.S. Lutton and Son”) and they maintained that business until 1917.  They sold the livery portion of the building, and in 1927 remodeled the undertaking parlor renaming it “Lutton Funeral Home”.  The Lutton’s funeral home business remained at that location until 1937. They then moved to 1305-8th Avenue Beaver Falls and remained at that location until 1945.

George’s son John Lutton became a funeral director, following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps.  He purchased the building at 1117-5th Avenue, which was previously known as the William Moltrop Mansion and more recently the Benson Mansion.

In 1973 John’s son Park became a fourth generation licensed funeral director and joined his father.  Once John left the business Park was joined by his wife Lynn in this family business.

In June of 2004 David J. Gabauer joined the Lutton Funeral Home staff as a fully-licensed funeral director. After 40+ years of faithfully serving the families of Beaver Falls and the surrounding areas, Park and Lynn Lutton made the decision to sell all three of their funeral homes. On February 14, 2007 David J. Gabauer and his wife Lisa took over as the new owners of all three Lutton Funeral Homes.

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