Funeral Candle Lighting

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One way to express how much you remember someone is to light a candle. It is a way of expressing your desire to honor that person. Making this small gesture can be a life-changing statement for both you and those you hope to help during your time of loss. Most people fail to recognize the significance of what appears to be a minor gesture. Why would you do it? What exactly does it mean to light a candle after someone has died? Investigate the cremation services in Beaver Falls, PA to help you answer these questions.


While many religious beliefs revolve around candle lighting, the act is not always that. It is possible for a variety of reasons. Candles, such as one placed on your mantle after the death of a loved one, can help you remember that person. Virtual candles can help you show your support to loved ones who are also grieving.


The lighting of a virtual candle is an important step toward expressing respect for the deceased loved one. If you’ve lost a family member, for example, you may not have many words to say to the immediate family, but you want them to know you’re thinking of them and honoring the deceased. A virtual candle can help with this. As the number of candles increases, it can help family members understand how much this person meant to others.


The Origins of Funeral Candles

The use of fire at funerals is a custom as old as funerals themselves. Fire has been used throughout history by ancient civilizations, pagans, and Judeo-Christians. It gives solace to the bereaved and respect to the deceased.


The term “funeral” refers to a torch-lit profession and is derived from Latin. Burials took place at night, so torches were required. Long after Christians condemned night-time burial as a pagan practice, they would surround the body with funeral candles. In funeral processions, they would also carry torches.


The Meaning of Funeral Candles

Traditionally white to represent purity, memorial candles can now be easily personalized with photos, quotes, and other elements. Funeral candles and memorial candles provide the reassuring power of light to family and friends. Poets compare the quivering and flickering flames to the unpredictability of life, which is influenced by fate. When you extinguish the flame, it represents death. Memorial candles are meaningful keepsakes that honor the departed while also celebrating life.


Customizing Funeral Candles

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Funeral directors can now provide many options to client families, such as personalized funeral and memorial candles. Families will remember the candles for many years to come. They will remember those who have passed away and the compassion shown by the funeral home during their time of grief. Personalizing the funeral candle to match the other funeral stationery can also help to create a more complete life celebration.


Don’t underestimate the significance of such a gesture. After someone dies, there isn’t much you can do to support your loved ones or honor the life that was lost. What you can do is simply show that you are there, thinking of them, and sending them positive thoughts. The cremation services in Beaver Falls, PA can assist you with this. Please contact our team or visit us as soon as possible.

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