Funeral Service Without a Body

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Because a loved one’s body has been lost in some way, a family may be forced to organize a funeral without a body. In this case, a family may want to know how they can modify a traditional funeral to ensure that the deceased’s memory is properly honored. Consider looking into cremation services in Freedom, PA to assist you further.


Even if it is possible to hold a funeral with a body, a family may choose not to. Some believe that making this change will give them more freedom to plan a unique service rather than conform to traditional expectations. If they do not want a funeral, they may choose not to organize one for a loved one. They were open to the idea of holding a memorial service weeks or months after their death.

In either case, someone planning a memorial or funeral without a body has a lot of options and ideas to think about when deciding how to plan a respectful service. The following are some ideas to keep in mind.


Playing Slideshows or Videos

Playing a video or slideshow of a deceased loved one’s happy memories on a loop is one way to ensure that a deceased loved one is part of their funeral service without their body or casket on display. If displaying a casket is too morbid for their tastes, a family may choose this option. For some, videos and slideshows highlighting positive experiences are far more appealing than holding a funeral with a body present.


Putting Mementos in a Coffin

If a family was unable to organize a funeral with a body, they could choose this option. They can instead hold a traditional service with a casket set up to display mementos, pictures, and other similar items. They may choose which mementos to include on their own, or they may allow funeral guests to place their mementos in the casket if they are comfortable doing so.


Setting Up Display Boards

These can be simple poster-sized boards with photographs of a loved one. A family, like placing mementos in a casket, can decide what to include on a board or they can allow guests to add their items.


Performing Musical Numbers

Music is often played at traditional funerals. However, the type of music a family chooses to include may be determined by the type of service they are planning.


Participating in Activities That the Deceased Was Passionate About

cremation services in Freedom, PA

It is sometimes appropriate to plan a service that includes participation in an activity that the deceased was passionate about. For example, perhaps the deceased enjoyed baseball. If this is the case, the deceased’s family could organize a memorial baseball game.


Having a funeral without a body may seem unusual, but people have been organizing these types of services for centuries. This general overview only touches on a few of the options for organizing such a service for your loved ones. The cremation services in Freedom, PA are available to discuss this further. Visit our office or call us right away.

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