How to Write an Obituary for a Parent

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One of the most important things you can do to show your love for your parent and preserve their legacy after their death is to write a meaningful obituary for them. It can be daunting, but you don’t have to face it alone. The funeral homes in New Brighton, PA have a tool that can help you get started as well as suggestions on what to include to transform a simple obituary into something beautiful.

Here are a few things to consider and strategies to employ to write a memorable obituary that tells the world exactly who your parent was.

Tell Stories About Your Family

What is your favorite memory of your mother or father? Perhaps something from your childhood like a funny family vacation mishap, a perfect birthday gift, or an occasion when you truly saw their love for you? It could be a story that everyone enjoys telling when you get together or something personal to you. You can include the story in your parents’ obituary as a reminder of a significant event in their lives.


Share Your Parent’s Achievements

What did your parent take particular pride in? Their greatest achievements should be included in their obituary. Share their personal best marathon, military honors they received, professional accolades they received, the blue ribbon they won at the county fair, or anything else that made them proud whenever they thought of it.


Tell a Romantic Story

Share the story of your parents’ enduring love if it has a touching or funny backstory. Love stories are becoming more common in obituaries, and readers will enjoy learning about or reminiscing about the special relationship your parent was a part of.


Discuss How Your Parent Demonstrated His or Her Love

Childrearing is an important part of a parent’s identity, and how they express their love reveals a lot about them. Share those ways in the obituary.


Quote Your Mother or Father

Did your mother or father have a favorite saying, a favorite joke, or a phrase that always reminds you of them? When you reread their obituary in years to come, including a quote will make the memories even more vivid.


Discuss Your Parent’s Favorite Things

People who knew your parent are likely to remember them fondly for their favorite foods, movies, music, and travel destinations. You can provide a list of these favorites, or you can tell a story or two about how their favorite things fit into their lives.


Enlist Assistance

funeral homes in New Brighton, PA

You may have offered or agreed to write your parent’s obituary, but this does not preclude other family members from contributing. You could ask one of your siblings, an aunt or uncle, or a grandchild if they have a memory or story they’d like to include in the obituary. Consider family members who were close to your parent or who are talented writers.


It’s important to note that as you work on writing your parent’s obituary, you’re likely to experience intense feelings of grief as you try to describe the loved one you’ve just lost. Take care of yourself while writing, take a break if necessary, and seek help and support from others. The funeral homes in New Brighton, PA can be a source of comfort as you write because they were able to help others who have suffered a similar loss. Contact us or come by to see us.

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