Traditional In-ground Interment

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After deciding on a burial and a service package, it’s time to consider the various burial methods. Below, funeral homes in Rochester, PA explain your burial options.

The most traditional burial option is in-ground burial. Often, the body is embalmed first because the family wishes to hold a visitation with the casket open. However, embalming is not necessary.


In-ground burial has the following components.



The casket contains the deceased’s body. Finding the ideal casket is likely to be one of the most important, and for many, the most difficult, aspects of planning a funeral or memorial service. Purchasing a jewel casket or coffin is an important part of funeral planning. Furthermore, it is by far the most significant purchase associated with a memorial. Regardless of where you decide to purchase a memorial casket, make an effort to consider what the memorial casket will be used for. Caskets are primarily used to provide a dignified means of transportation for the deceased before a funeral service.



It is the plot or space where your loved one will be buried. Many cultures have honored and valued people even after they have died. People find comfort in the belief that their loved ones are only physically deceased but spiritually alive. This is why some families make it a point to visit gravesites regularly. However, you can make cemetery visits even more memorable by decorating the grave of a loved one.


Preparation and Maintenance of Gravesites

A plot must be dug into the ground and backfilled later. To restore the gravesite’s original appearance, some landscaping work may be required.


Interment Vault

It is used to keep the soil above and around the casket in place. It is frequently made of concrete and lined with plastic.


Grave Marker and Headstone

These two burial monuments typically include the name of the deceased, birth and death dates, identification words such as mother, son, brother, friend, and so on, a meaningful quote to the deceased, and sayings from religion or philosophy.


Burial Plot Types

Cemeteries generally allow you to purchase the following types of burial plots with traditional in-ground burial.

  • Plot for a single burial

This type of plot only allows for the burial of one person.

  • Family plots

A family can purchase a small section of a cemetery to be dedicated to the burial of all family members. The area may simply consist of a row of single plots. funeral homes in Rochester, PA

  • Plots for companions

This is the purchase of two burial plots that are adjacent to each other. In most cases, married couples choose to buy their burial plots in this manner.

  • Plots with two depths

This is an example of a companion plot. Individuals are buried one on top of the other in this scenario. This is another option that many married couples      choose. Because only one burial vault is required, double-depth plots are frequently less expensive than side-by-side plots.


Please do not hesitate to contact the funeral homes in Rochester, PA so that we can discuss burial options further. One of our funeral directors would be delighted to assist you. You may also come to our office today.

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