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Victoria Rogulski

BIRTH: 01/05/1919 DEATH: 07/19/2018 Victoria Rogulski...

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Henry S. Fosnaught

BIRTH: 03/16/1959 DEATH: 07/17/2018 Henry S. Fosnaught...

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John J. Monza

BIRTH: 10/13/1933 DEATH: 07/14/2018 John J. Monza, 84...

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Mark Robert “Lumpy” Carney

BIRTH: 05/20/1981 DEATH: 07/09/2018 Mark Robert Carney...

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John F. Sheldrake, Jr.

BIRTH: 08/28/1921 DEATH: 07/06/2018 John F. Sheldrake...

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John Edward Hawrylak

BIRTH: 10/13/1962 DEATH: 07/03/2018 John Edward...

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The funeral home was very accommodating at the mass.  We were treated like family.

Amelia Terlizzi

My mother looked beautiful. Even though she was not well-she appeared years younger.

Karen Malena

Dave (funeral director) was extremely professional while being compassionate with empathy of our needs.

Joseph Postich

I lived out of state but had to plan my aunt’s funeral.  The funeral home people were great!

Carol Dinello

David Gabauer was extremely professional, sensitive, compassionate, and accommodating to myself, my friends, and my family.  I would not go through this again without his help.

Aubrey Brewer

Everyone made my life easy throughout the whole process.

James Bouril

First class operation. Would rate this funeral home excellent.

Robert Filauri

Mom looked beautiful!

Cindy Kolch

We were very pleased. She was beautiful!

JoAnn Vozar

Everything was perfect. Both funerals mirrored each other down to the finest details.

Tom Guthrie