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Kathryn (Kronstain) Bouril

BIRTH: 02/13/1949 DEATH: 09/21/2017 Kathy (Kronstain)...

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Debby (Knotts) Postich

BIRTH: 11/02/1949 DEATH: 09/19/2017   Debby...

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Phillip Myrle Hewitt Sr.

BIRTH: 11/10/1930 DEATH: 09/19/2017   Phillip Myrle...

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Carrie J. (Miller) Forsythe

BIRTH: 10/12/1950 DEATH: 09/18/2017   Carrie J...

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Fredric Lee Megill Sr.

BIRTH: 04/30/1951 DEATH: 09/10/2017   Fredric Lee...

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Violet “Sis” J. Tress

BIRTH: 08/10/1937 DEATH: 09/07/2017   Violet...

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First class operation. Would rate this funeral home excellent.

Robert Filauri

Mom looked beautiful!

Cindy Kolch

We were very pleased. She was beautiful!

JoAnn Vozar

Everything was perfect. Both funerals mirrored each other down to the finest details.

Tom Guthrie

We had little time to make arrangements that had not already been made by the deceased, however it was done quickly and efficiently in a timely manner.

Judith Borio

They were a very,  professional staff showing compassion throughout a difficult time. They rearranged their furniture to accommodate our guests.

Marlene Smith